Today Zack and Katie are getting married. He has worked for Lego for more than six years. The Lego corporate office assembled and shipped this gift to them for their wedding day. I think it is a perfect tribute to a wonderful couple. Such a personal and special way to celebrate their special day. 

Family from across the country assemble to share in the event, the food, the fellowship and family stories. It is a special time when two young people start their lives together. It reminds us all how we were when we were young. It reminds us where our adventures began. It reminds us when we were full of hopes and dreams and the excitement of future adventures. Seeing young people starting the journey together reminds us that life is short, time moves quickly, and it is important to savor the special times while you can. 

Today I am grateful for my family…they bring fun, laughter, joy, tears and blessings to my world. I love them and they love me, no matter what. As we celebrate together the union of these two ‘kids’ I am also very grateful for waterproof mascara…it too will be a blessing today.