This weekend begins an exciting new chapter for our family. We are attending the wedding of the first grandson in the family, and he is marrying a wonderful woman. Now this is not our first exciting wedding, just the first grandson. As we all know weddings and funerals bring out the best and worst in family. All in all, no matter what happens we are blessed to be together and excited to attend this joyous weekend. 

Family is a strange combination of the same and different. Like this bunch of flowers – all some strain of the same variety – yet all different in their own way. Each person in a family brings to the table their individuality, their idiosyncrasies, their genetic traits…and the things that make the family love them. Some are talkers, some are quiet. Some are active, others enjoy being inside. Some thrive on technology, others prefer life off the grid. All ages, styles, colors and interests are represented. Whatever each person brings they add an important element to the garden of life. 

What element do you bring to your family garden? What does the family around you bring out in you? Be blessed that you ar part of the garden and know that without you in it, the garden would be less beautiful.