What is it about kids and swings? It’s universal that they want to swing, and they want a push. Children of every size, shape and color get a thrill out of going back and forth, higher and higher until they can almost reach the sky. We had a swing set in our backyard growing up, and I used to swing and sing silly songs and pretend I could fly. Nancy Bluder and I would spend hours going back and forth, jumping off, getting back on, pump until you went high, then jump off….then do it all over again. 

When we really wanted to live big we would ride our bikes down to Weisbrook Elementary and swing on the BIG swings…now that was living large for a third grader. I felt so independent and free and grown up. If I tagged along with my brothers and their friends, and they gave me a push – Holy Cow! I felt like I could touch the moon. The older boys would sometimes push so hard they could run under my feet and duck and I KNEW I would touch the sun! The wind in my hair, the earth far from my feet, the neighborhood kids all playing on the playground…being away from home for hours and not thinking anything of it. I couldn’t imagine that anything in life could get better. 

Looking back on those hours I spent swinging, I realized it gave me courage and insight into life. It takes a lot of energy to get the swing started, and once you do you want to keep going. You want to continue to feel the energy and the exhilaration you get from swinging, eventhough it took lots of energy. And in those times when you didn’t have enough energy to catch up with everyone else, you could shout for a push and someone always obliged. 

It takes energy to figure out who you are and how to get your dreams started. And once you are on a path moving forward, you don’t want to stop. When you have to stop and rest, it takes energy to get started again. Just when you think you don’t have it in you to get started all over…call for a push and let someone else help you get things going. Everyone needs a push now and then…