Sometimes you have a day where nothing seems to be going right…even technology is not your friend. No matter what you do it turns out badly, and no matter how hard you try nothing gets any better. You toil and sweat and toil some more only to find yourself at the bottom of the same spiral staircase as when you started your climb. Whew – these days can be exhausting. 

If today was one of those days, here are a couple thoughts for you to ponder…these days never last. It might seem like they do, and yet they are never permanent. The times will change and soon things will go your way again. As you struggle to move forward, remember that these are the days that test and develop our character. How we behave in trying times is a good indicator of who we are when no one is looking. These days also come in waves…and there is high tide and low tide for every ocean. Eventually the tides will turn and what was once low tide will be high tide. 

These downward trends help us determine what is really important. When things fail and nothing is going your way, you get really good at prioritizing the things that matter. The elements of your world that are crucial rise to the top, and the fluffy stuff falls to the bottom. If you can’t pay your bills, the important bills – food, electricity, shelter, transportation – become your focus…entertainment or the Internet move to the luxury list until the tide changes. That’s not a bad thing…never let what appears to be a luxury item prevent you from being able to pay for the necessities. 

When you feel you are on the stairs going down further and further, take a deep breath and give thanks for what you do have….life, breath, talents, skills, people who care about you, people you care about. The rest will fall into place over time. Being able to count your blessings when the chips are down can change your mind very quickly. Like the old adage says, ‘I complained that I didn’t have any shoes until I met a man who didn’t have any feet.’ Somewhere there is someone who has it worse than you. Instead of focusing on self, focus on helping someone else…sew some seeds of kindness so that later on you will reap kindness. Give to someone in more need than you and let the goodness of that act shower you in warmth. Thinking and acting for others will put your world into a clearer perspective. 

If today you felt like you were only going down further and further, take a deep breath…let it out slowly and know that this too will pass. There are many lessons you will learn on the downward staircase and you I’ll be better for it. These days happen to everyone and will pass soon…