Depending upon the situation, the place, the group you are with or the project you are working on…there are manY, maNY, mANY, MANY different hats we all must wear. As we go through life we take off one hat only to put on another. Sometimes the hats are too big when we first wear them, and eventually we grow into it. Other times we wear a hat out and have to find a new one. There are those of us who think we wear hats well, and others who hate wearing hats. Then there are those who never give up a hat no matter how awful it looks because it is the hat they have always worn. And there are others who change hats so often no one can keep up with their hats. 

In one day you might wear a multitude of hats – cook, maid, driver, secretary, organizer, bookkeeper, Doctor, patient, counselor, friend, spouse, parent, child, shopper, pet owner, boss, employee, leader, follower, artist, writer – the list may grow or contract depending upon who you encounter during the day. You might feel like you are an expert at some of these hats and other hats make you feel very nervous. There may be hats you wear very infrequently, so when you put it on it feels awkward and strange. Then there is your go to hat, the one you will wear as often as possible. When you wear it you are truly at your best and you forget you are wearing it at all. 

We wear hats for special occastions – weddings, funerals, family dinners, birthdays, parties, New Year’s Eve. These hats we usually wear willingly, eventhough they take a lot of work. Sometimes we attend these events wearing our hat, and other times we arrive to find there is a hat we need to wear…not the one we want to wear. Or we have to give up our hat so someone else can wear it…even if we ‘wear’ it better. 

So many hats and so little time to master them all. As you look back on your last few days, what hats did you wear? Would you say you wore them well? Would other people agree with you? Is it time to give up one hat in particular for someone else to wear instead of you? Think about ALL the hats you wear each and everyday. No matter which hat you wear, wear it well and with pride.