Everyone who has a mobile device takes photographs…which does not make them a photographer. This little boy stopped on a crowded street to take an important picture of a cow that was walking down the street. We stopped where we were walking so we would not interrupt him while he was creating. His Mom came up behind us and thanked us for waiting on her budding photographer. When he realized we were all behind him, he turned and then reviewed the phone to make sure he saw what he wanted to capture. Once he had confirmed his shots, he smiled and I saw joy and imagination peeking through his little grin. 

How fun to be able to experience imagination in one of it’s purest forms…childhood. I’m amazed to think that his ‘tool’ of choice is a phone…technology sure has come a long way. And I’m encouraged that his mother let him go instead of yelling at him for stopping in the middle of the road (traffic was blocked on the street, so he was not in danger). And I was pleased that he knew that we knew what he was doing…and that it was important enough for us to stop and not block his view. Somehow this budding photographer had not only captured the picture, he had captured the attention and imagination of people all around. 

Isn’t that what imagination should do? Not only unleash creativity within yourself, it should also spark creativity in others. The simple act of being creative enlightens and inspires others to be free to act on their own creative ideas. Being willing to do what you want, need, are inspired to do opens the door for others to be free to do the same. It takes courage and action to be inspired, and like this little boy it takes stopping in your tracks to catch the perfect shot of a cow. 

Do you have creative courage? Are you willing to publicly share your ideas through action? Exhibit your own creative courage today…you never know who is watching, who you will inspire, who you will give permission to be creative.