These two little girls were having the best time walking and talking at a local festival. We were enjoying the festival as well, and ended up behind them for several minutes. They giggled and chatted and pointed and talked without realizing anyone else was around. They were intent on each other and enjoying themselves, no matter what. They look so different and yet seemed to have so much in common. Both sets of parents turned around several times to check on the pair, only to leave them alone and to themselves. 

It is obvious to others when you are with someone you like and trust. You want to be with them and the whole world fades into the background. You talk and laugh and point and chat about everything and nothing. You may look very different and yet you can tell each other anything. No matter the gender the age or the place, friends can be spotted amongst a crowd. 

I encourage you today to walk with your friend and chat and giggle and point about nothing end everything. It is an important element of life to have people you love and trust and can share your thoughts with…no matter what.