We recently traveled to check out one of our wood resources, and this is what we found. They run a private saw mill in North Carolina, and stack the wood they cut out in the yard to dry. As you can see this tree was cut then stacked and resembles a tree trunk. What’s amazing is that they didn’t find any bad spots or holes in the tree trunk, so slicing and stacking went pretty easily. They had everything from elm to maple, walnut to cedar. Some of it was still very ‘wet’ and would need to dry for many more months outside. Ours was just a field trip checking out what was available. No purchases, just dreaming…

Sometimes you need to go see what is available to grow your creativity. Seeing what supplies are out there can spur your thought process towards new ideas. It can also confirm your hopes and make them reality. For a woodworking artist, knowing where the wood is AND that is is waiting when you’re ready is H U G E!!! There are only so many trees out there and so many different people are competing for the same rare finds. Knowing a realiable supplier and that they are taking good care of their inventory is a great comfort. 

Make a point today to check out what is available for your work…read a new book, visit a supply store, walk through a fabric store, meander through the warehouse where your supplier stores things. Seeing can be believing…seeing can also be creating!