There are soooo many delicious sweet treats out there that it can be hard to pick just one. We were at the check out counter of our favorite apple orchard, and these little morsels sat waiting for us to take them home. This is when I suddenly realized that my husband had never tried a Buckeye, the awesome chocolate and peanut butter bite of joy. I stared at him as if he had three heads…NEVER eaten a Buckeye! How is that possible?

My husband is an enthusiastic foodie, so I could not imagine that he had never eaten something that I had consumed in mass during my college years. It is a rare moment when I the non-food enthusiast had eaten something he had not. For the first time I can ever remember, the food was on the other plate. I was describing for him what something tasted like…

We did not buy one, he wasn’t particularly interested in trying one…not when there were fried pies to consume. He knew what he wanted and how it would taste, so no matter how well I described Buckeyes they would pale by comparison. I get that. I know how it feels to crave a food, see it in your sights, and KNOW that it will be better than you imagined. I also know how it feels not to be interested in eating something new. So again, I could oddly relate to his reluctance to eat a Buckeye. 

More times than I care to note, I have been in his shoes. Not interested in new when I can have what is guaranteed to satisfy. And more times than neither he nor I can count, he knew how I felt…offering food to someone who was not interested. I was the well known Buckeye that the audience didn’t want, and he was the beloved fried pie that was legend, reality and a dream all rolled into one. Try something new or stick with what you know is good…one of life’s true dilemmas. When to try new and when to stick with what you know? 

If you get the chance today to try something new, don’t do it just because it is new. If you get the chance to enjoy a beloved favorite, welcome the consistency that ‘known’ provides and enjoy all the memories that come with it. New has it’s allure, and beloved has it’s promises…they both serve an important purpose in the world. We all know that some days you want new and soem days you simply need fulfilled promises. Be strong in your own self awareness to know which one you need when…Buckeyes or fried pies, only you know what you want today.