If someone were to walk into my home, they would probably call our decorating style eclectic. I think that is a nice word for a mix up of hodgepodge, antiques, contemporary and family heirlooms. We enjoy where we live and feel like our home is a place of peace and rest for our family. When I saw this pillow I liked it. I was struck by the colors, the letters, the juxtaposition of the different text styles and the bright colors. I actually stood in front of this sofa for a few moments as I absorbed the pillow and it’s features. I found myself with a dilemma…I liked it yet did not know how it would fit into my spaces.

When you are an artist creating there are many elements you need to keep in mind when developing a finished product. Color, subject, framing, and oh so much more. Thinking about who the audience is for the art is also important, if you want or plan to sell your work. There are artists who create because the idea is within them and they have to bring it to life. There are other artists who create in order to provide art for collectors. And then there are artists and designers who create for those decorating a space. All three types of creative people prodcue fabulous work, they simply have a different audience or customer in mind. 

For the work that you do, who is your customer? When you create, how do you keep that ‘customer’ in mind? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you create to create and have no intention of anyone else experiencing your work. Maybe you have created such an abundance of work that you need someone to start buying it to get it out of your space. Or, maybe you have created enough and want to share your work with the world. Whichever category you fall into, I encourage you to do what you like, do it well. This pillow made me stop in my tracks. It inspired me to think about my customers and how I can better serve their creative need. I would encourage you to do the same.