There are two things about this object that I found intriguing. First, the color of the contents. They are a beautiful amber with highlights of green and gold. It is actually a jar of pickled okra my husband put up this past weekend. The okra is fresh from a friend’s garden. The second thing I like about this item is the fact that is is forward focused. You don’t can or pickle things if you are not thinking ahead. The whole goal is to preserve the food or ingredient for use at a future date, usually in winter when these types of vegetables are no where to be found. 

Forward thinking…what does that mean for real life? Does it simply mean planning ahead? Or does it also include living and working that plan on a day to day basis? Planning is the easy part – living out that plan can be the challenge. There are people who love the planning and then lack the discipline to carry things out consistently. There are those who can work a plan for a couple days while it is fresh and exciting, then when the hum drum day to day stuff drones on and the plan is forgotten. Then there are those who thrive on working their plan, marking things complete, watching the bank balance rise and the credit card balance fall…all over a long period of time. So what is the difference between these types of people…my guess is the people who are best at accomplishing their goals have a written plan. 

There is a 42% increase in your ability to reach a goal when you write it down. Just by writing it down you are more likely to get it done. And for those people who write it down AND look at it everyday…then their success rate doubles! I learned this a long time ago, and yet must admit that at times during my life I have gotten lazy in writing things down. I had to figure out what worked for me and what I was willing to do – check – update to reach my goals. I have figured that out and now on a regular basis update and highlight where I am on my goals. 

So what about you? What goals do you have written down? Are you forward thinking enough to change what you are doing now to get where you want to go in the future? Like pickled okra, if you don’t plan now then you won’t have what you want in the future…I don’t even like okra and I was reminded of this one this week. Let pickled okra be your reminder to be forward thinking AND acting…write it down!