Sometimes you eat things and hope they are as good as your tastebuds imagined…this was not one of those meals. It arrived barely warm, mostly flavorless, and the cheesecake was rather mediocre. The worst part wasn’t the food, the worst part was paying for it. Do you send back the meal or yell at the wait staff? Do you leave a one cent tip to ‘send a message’? Or do you simply never eat there again? 

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want. Sometimes we have to deal with mediocrity when we wanted excellence. Sometimes we have to deal with being disappointed when we wanted all our dreams to come true. So how do you deal with being let down? How do you handle the internal turmoil when you only wanted peace and joy? These may seem like mild moments, yet they build up and can become who we are before we know it. 

Sometimes you have to leave the mediocre cheesecake half eaten in order to keep your self respect. Sometimes you tell the wait staff how poor the food was, and yet still tip them for good service. Sometimes you just chalk it up to a poor meal and eat some cereal when you get home. You just deal with it and leave it behind. Not every day is one you will remember. Most days go by before we realize the month is almost over. 

Just leave the blah dessert on the plate and hope for a better dessert next time. Savory and sweet and awesome is somewhere in your future…be willing to give dessert one more change.