I spent time this weekend in my studio creating new artwork…or at least getting things started. When I started creating art many decades ago, I wanted to work until the piece was completed. It bothered me to leave things until tomorrow. As I look back on those days and my thought process, I realize I was suffering from a lack of confidence. I did not believe enough in my skills to think that tomorrow they would be up to the task to complete an idea I had today. Working for multiple days on the same piece made me fret, it made me nervous, it made me feel inadequate. So I worked long hours to get things done.

The decades have been kind in that I now have confidence in my skills. Experience has told me that I can complete tomorrow an idea I came up with today. My hand will be able to complete the idea as well, or maybe better than I imagined. I have also learned that time can allow an idea to grow into more than I first imagined. If I let it percolate a while it will often gather steam and get better, it will take on new elements and become something else all together. So I now see patience as a virtue to utilize to make my work better. Patience is not something to endure while I suffer through a sleepless night, patience is a multiplier of innovation. 

Isn’t it funny that time at first was a hindrance, now it is my friend. I don’t think time is the thing that changed in this scenario…of course I was the one that changed, matured, calmed down. I learned how to leverage time to make my work better. Time seasoned my hands and eyes to be better equipped to create what I imagined. Time soothed my heart to be able to ‘see’ what was there much better than the original idea. Time allowed me to learn to become a better me. 

What lessons have you learned over time? How has time worked to your advantage? When was the last time you let time do it’s work without you being in control?