I am in no way an incredible cook…my husband is the one who fills our lives with joy through food. I can cook but I don’t cook. His skills out shine mine in sooooo many ways. Yet no matter who does the cooking, there will always be dirty dishes.  And having observed different cooks in the kitchen, there are two kinds…those who clean up as they go and those who clean up after the meal. My husband is the latter…I am the former. As a result, dirty dishes can sometimes be the topic of a high volume discussion before going to bed. Dirty dishes in the sink is one of my pain points. There are times when it gets to me and I take it out by cleaning furiously before going to bed. Other times I am too tired to wage battle, so I wake up to dishes in the sink. 

On those mornings when I wake to find dirty dishes and gunk and grime piled high in the sink, I get busy and clean it up. My husband usually goes about his morning routine before he remembers there are dishes in the sink. One important thing to note, the world was still spinning and the earth continued to revolve around the sun while we slept. To me it’s a big deal…to the rest of the universe it wasn’t even noticed. Grass grew, rain fell, children learned…all was right with the world EVENTHOUGH there were dirty dishes in our sink. 

There will always be dirty dishes. When you eat at home, there are dirty dishes. When you cook, you make things dirty in order to create yumminess. When you bake, good things come from yucky pans. When you create canned goods or pickled things, there will be a mess to clean. When you enjoy ice cream…there will always be a dirty spoon. To savor the good we have to deal with the process of getting to the good…which in this case means dirty dishes. We have to deal with the mess that comes with creating good. Mess can mean change or a long process or painful growth, or simply a grease covered dish…but in whatever form it comes, there will be messiness. And in some areas of life mess leads to progress. In the kitchen it means life…there is no food without something getting used and dirty. And without food there is no life. So logically there is no life without mess. 

If your world is messy right now, I hope you can face that mess and let it make your world a better place. Give up control and let the mess flow it’s way to making things better. If the dishes don’t get cleaned up before you go to bed, the universe won’t notice. The dishes will still be in the sink waiting for you when you wake. If you allow it, the mess can provide sustenance and life with flavor and pleasure and companionship…you just gotta go through the mess. No matter who you are or how hard you try, there will ALWAYS be dirty dishes.