I’m doing laundry right now, and am washing a piece of clothing that is linen. Today I had to label something and I used a magic marker. The two things had nothing to do with each other and yet here they have been combined to create a thing of beauty. This phenomenon is one of the reasons I adore art and creativity. Give someone who is fearless and in touch with their creative side two disconnected items…and get ready to be amazed. 

This piece is ink on linen…hand drawn and measures six feet square. It hangs in one of the spaces of Westside Market (www.westsidemarketatl.com) What struck me was the clarity the linen brought to the ink. This is powerful and brings emotion into a flat surface. The artist has taken advantage of the space and utilized the infinite shading possibilities in an impactful way. When I say ink, I mean ink from a marker…amazing that a piece of linen and a marker could combine to create such a powerful work of art. 

When this artist allowed the creativity to override the fear, this work was born. And when we see this work, we are inspired. Never doubt that when you allow yourself to be fearless that you will create amazing things…art, literature, music, theatre, business plans, or a beautiful room. When we start from the premise that we CAN, we do. When we start from the premise that we CAN’T, we don’t. Simple math has taught us that one plus one equals two…here one plus one created incredible! Allow yourself to b incredible today!