We often look at our lives from different perspectives to refresh, renew, improve our self awareness. With all that looking we often neglect looking at the under side of things. We can easily see the top, the sides, the left or right…yet the under side too often goes unnoticed. It is harder to see. It takes more effort, and will often yield yucky elements we would rather ignore. Sort of like turning over a rock to see mud and filth and possibly bugs, the under side of life can be rather daunting.

And yet, in this picture you see the underside of a lunar moth clinging to our screened porch. The light and color showing through the wings and the screen look natural and contemporary at the same time. I’ve never thought about what it looks like underneath. The color is rich and clear, and by looking under the wings you can see the delicate legs and body which serve as the center for all the rest. This view also allowed me to notice for the first time the pinkish line which outlines the wings. From the top this line has a totally different color. If I had never looked at the underside I would have missed all this detail. 

This particular moth clung to our screen for almost three days. Each morning the beauty met me as I opened our front door. I found myself looking forward to seeing if the moth was still there, and to see if anything had changed. Funny how I don’t really make that effort to see the underside of my own life. To take an inventory of the things in my own world that have been hidden by the brilliance of the top level, colorful view. All too often we sweep things under the carpet or push them to the side, or pack them in a box to avoid dealing with them. We set them aside and eventually forget where we put them. We have great intentions to deal with them, then eventually the urgent or important or daily grind moves these items into oblivion to be forgotten all over again. 

Let the underside of this moth serve as your reminder to get out the box and dig into the things you have been avoiding…debt, dirt, bad habits, junk drawers, personal shortcomings…the under side of your own world. There is fear that builds up when we avoid the under side, and yet our reward for dealing with it all is strength of character and inner peace. Choose character and inner peace, then enjoy the beauty that lies underneath it all.