I recently went into a store and saw this pink cowboy hat with rhinestones and glitter…and I had a new definition of bling. Of all the hats in this store, this is the one every woman picked up and tried on. They admired themselves and enjoyed seeing themselves in pink. They had fun wearing it around and thinking about what they could wear it with and to what occasion…then they all put it back. 

As I watched this parade of women trying on the hat then all putting it back, I wondered. Why did they all gravitate to this hat? Was it because it was unusual, or bright or festive? Was it because it was pink in a land of brown and blacks and beige? Did it scream ‘girly’ when the rest screamed nothing? Did this hat allow them to open the door of their own imagination enough to think about looking different? Did this hat symbolize fun in a land of just the same? Or did this hat unleash the hidden rebel, if only for a few moments. Let’s face it, not everyone can wear a pink cowboy hat and make it look good. Each woman took the time to imagine themselves wearing the hat – the fun, the attention, the joy, the frivolity – then they all put it back. 

What made them all put it back? If they had such fun trying it on, why did no one buy it? It wasn’t the price as it was one of the more reasonably priced hats in the store. It wasn’t the size as it fit almost every woman who wore it. It wasn’t the fact that they didn’t want a hat as that is all the store sold. So logically there was no reason to put it back…yet on the shelf it sat. Maybe the color was fun yet not part of their regular wardrobe. Maybe the bling was too much for their everyday life.  Or maybe it was fun to put on and imagine wearing it, yet the reality of wearing it every day was more than any one woman could handle. Fun is fun and yet not every day includes or allows us to have fun wearing bling. 

There are days when you want a little bling in your world. There are days when you need a little bling in your world. There are days when you know that bling will not make a difference at all in the state of your world. And then there are days when you KNOW that bling will make it all better, no matter what. Maybe they all put it back because they were not ready for a bling filled day…a bling filled moment was all they could handle. 

Don’t be afraid of the bling…your life, your hopes, your dreams are worth the bling. When given the choice of a regular life or a pink cowboy hat with rhinestones life…choose the pink! The challenges of the pink cowboy hat are worth it!