Over summer each flower takes it’s own time to grow, and bud and bloom. These buds have yet to open and reveal the beauty within. Sort of like us as we mature and grow over our lives. There is so much more to us than meets the eye, until we reach our best moment and bloom. 

Someone asked me today if I had any regrets. If looking back over my life I had something that I wish I had done differently. I thought about it for a few moments…and I said of course I have regrets. I wish I had found my gift earlier instead of spending years trying to figure it all out. And yet, if I had not had the years of struggle and enlightenment I would not be as prepared to use my gift as I am now. So the regret is that it took so much time and yet time is why I am able to do what I do.

Some flowers take a long time to bloom, others bloom right away. Are you the one that blooms at first or the one that blooms at last? Being first doesn’t mean you are best, it may only mean you are ready to go before anyone else. Give yourself time to prepare for using your gift and sharing it with the world. Give your beauty time to bloom…let time grow and bring out your best, the world will be a better place for your patience.