Day after day we work and toil and produce in order to support our lives, our families, and our dreams. Some of those days we feel like one amongst many working to just get through the day. We feel unrecognized, unappreciated and unimportant.  Sometimes it is the day to day activities that can be dull and seem repetitive. Doing what it takes day after day can seem boring and unimportant. As if no one notices or cares and we have to get up and do it again tomorrow. 

Being faithful to the day to day may not be glamorous or exciting, yet it is what keeps our world spinning. Glamour and excitement are incredible, yet they fade. New and inventive eventually turns to maintenance and sustainment. Someone needs to maintain once the new rubs off. It may not be sexy or exciting or fun…yet it is what we do. Not everything can be new all the time. Eventually it is no longer new and becomes the way we do things. Innovative leads to routine. Novel turns to methodical. This isn’t sad, it’s reality. 

The blessing in all of this is that we have something to maintain, something to take care of, something to get out of bed and do everyday. People need our efforts, even if they seem boring for a Tuesday. The things that get us out of the house and working are more important than having new and novel everyday. It takes courage to get out of bed and face the routine we have created that is our life. It takes strength to keep it all going no matter how we feel. Building a life also means working to maintain that life. It may not be sexy, yet it is the blessing that gives up hope.

So today as you drive the same way to work or do the same activities that you did last Tuesday, be grateful. Give thanks that your boring routine requires your efforts. Be blessed that your life is your life and needs you in it to keep going. We all needsomething to do, someone to love,and somehow to be challenged in order to thrive…be glad that your world needs you today. Be glad that you are one among many and are the reason that your world works.