This past week a friend of mine lost here Nana. She died at the age of 95. I never met Nana, and yet I am the beneficiary of her life. I am friends with her granddaughter who is talented, and bright, and wise and kind…and a true friend. You don’t become those things by chance, they take time and effort and investment. They take having people around you who are willing to teach you right from wrong, good from mediocre, kindess over being right. In my friend’s case, she is who she is beacuse of her Nana. 

All of us have grandmothers and energy and time. In my friend’s case, she had a Nana who invested herself her time and her energy into growing a wonderful person to give to the world. She spent hours teaching my friend things, talking with her, helping her navigate the world. My friend has a great family – supportive, loving, meaningful, warm – and talks about them all the time and the impact they have had on her world. When Nana got sick, she then told me Nana stories. She told me how Nana invested herself into making people better. How she was kind and wise and willing to give. And in her 95 years had made the world a better place. She told me how her world was better beacuse of Nana. 

So here’s a shout out to my friend who is coping with this loss…and a shout out to all the Nanas is the world who have made everything better by being who they are.  If your Nana is still alive give her a call and tell her how powerful a force she has been in your world. And if she’s already gone, look in the mirror and see her strength in your eyes…and celebrate the blessings of Nana.