When you visit the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, the best place to get fresh Sushi is the Sushi Train. The restaurant makes sushi to order and you can enjoy whatever fish they picked up that day at the market. Plate after plate rides around the conveyor belt ‘train’ so you can pick out whatever you want to eat. Here you see an American version of that same concept. This ‘train’ resides in a mall in Orlando. 

I have passed this mall eatery on several trips and have yet to actually see anyone in the restaurant. I’m not sure if it is the time of day when I am there? Or is it that Americans aren’t excited about the concept of sushi on a conveyor belt? I don’t know the answer, and I hope that this conveyor belt sushi train stays in business for a long time. 

What I also find interesting is when we duplicate an idea over and over again, to simply think that by duplicating it the success of the original will also be duplicated. If the original is a hit, then the sequel will be as well. And yet all too often the second is a disappointment. Too many great movies were smeared with the ruin of the sequel. The knock-off is a let down after holding the original. The third or fourth or fifth version leave us flat when compared to the original. 

I encourage you today to have original ideas and then keep to the simplicity and beauty of the original. Don’t let the glamour of the success of the original lure you into diluting the idea to duplication. Stick with your original and let the good times roll.