Sometimes we set a goal and hope we will reach it. Sometimes you set a goal and think you might get there. Other times you set a goal and KNOW without a doubt that you will get there. So what’s the difference between hope, think and know? 

We have set a goal along with our daughter Ashley and her husband Aric to climb Mt Fuji in July 2017. We’ve set that date aside and started planning and saving. My husband and I have started exercising more consistently to get in shape. It’s more of a hike than a climb, but it is described as an active hike that will wear you out. We have learned that the climb is about 5-7 hours depending upon which trail you take…and about 3-4 hours to climb down. 

We have to take 3-4 layers of clothing, because as we ascend the temperature will go below freezing. We have to carry our own water, food and a head lamp is highly recommended. The Welcome Center which resides at 6,725 feet ( about half way up) sells walking sticks and supplies. We will take what we can and buy the rest. Wwe’re going to buy our hiking boots and break them in many months before we actually travel. It has been on Aric’s bucket list to climb Mt Fuji…Fujisan as the Japanese call it. We’re taking them to Japan as their 5th wedding anniversary gift. It’s exciting to be able to share the anticipation and adventure with them both. 

The difference between hope, think and KNOW is first of all a date. A goal without a date is just a wish. By putting a date on your goal, you suddenly make it real. The date makes you plan and prepare and take the goal and yourself seriously. I have set many goals in my life – some I have reached, some I have not. Looking back I realize that the difference between the ones I reached and when I failed was whether or not I set a date. 

Give your dream a life, give it a date…then do all you can yo hit that date!