I’ve been traveling a lot this month. I carry on my luggage whenever possible, and yet still have to pass baggage claim on my way in and out of the airport. No matter how much I am in airports, I always see different kinds of bags and an unlimited variety of ways people pack things. There are all sorts of sizes shapes and colors of luggage. And people pack all their ‘stuff’ in all kinds of ways. People check no carry on all kinds of boxes, bags and miscellaneous items. My favorite this week was a woman walking off her flight with a pillow and comforter…not in a shopping bag or package. She used a full pillow and full size comforter to keep herself warm on her flight – clever. I had never seen that one before. 

 I think it is overkill because I have found other ways to keep warm on a flight. And yet, I give her points for thinking of how to meet her need with what she had available. She struggled getting all that down the escalators, and yet she did it. Sometimes we want people to do things our way because we are smarter…or at least we think we are. Instead of applauding their ingenuity we criticize their not doing it our way. I have a better solution to her temperature problem, yet in reality that solution works for me and may not be an option for her. So I apologize for being a cynic instead of a supporter. 

What could you learn from someone else who is doing something differently than you would? Their idea may enhance your idea. Their method may improve your method. Their way of packing may change the way you think about packing. Be open to how other people do things and let their successes make your world better.