I am a great lover of color, colorful things, wonderful uses of color. When I walked past this painting it struck me as a fabulous expression of the Native American Spirit. I stood and admired it while visiting the Booth Western Museum (boothmuseum.org) in Cartersville, GA…then noticed the words at the bottom of the work…Giving Of Life & Spirit.  I enjoyed the modern style and abstract designs. It made this piece very different than the other authentic work we experienced. No matter how long you looked at it you kept seeing new discoveries. The artist here took all that was within them and put it on the canvas. They left nothing to chance and put it all out there. 

When was the last time you did that? Left it all out there for the world to see? If it’s been a while, why is that? Maybe fear, or hesitation…or not knowing what is in you that needs to be expressed? Knowing yourself means taking time to be self aware. It takes experimentation in understanding your style, your ideas. I means being quiet and reflecting on who you are, what you believe and what you have to share with the world. Taking the time to be aware means being alone, being introspective, it means being alone without technology and just thinking, dreaming, pondering. Not what a lot of people value in this mad schedule of a world. 

TAke time to day to find the spirit no ideas within you so the world doesn’t miss out on waht oyu have to offer