The face of this young Indian girl haunted me from across the Booth Western Museum (…and I mean that in the best sense of the word. This oil on Belgian Linen by Krystii Melaine titled Mehohta-Love begs us to see the face of the next generation and understand the incredible heritage she will bring to the world. Here you see her in front of her mother who is holding a sibling in her arms. No matter the culture or country, the language or location all mothers adore their children. 

I picture this little girl sitting still as her mother carefully braids her hair and washes her face, getting her ready for a tribal celebration. She puts on her best ‘dress’ and waits patiently as the rest of the family is made ready to celebrate. Her mother may have told her to be careful not to get dirt on her best dress…like my Mom told me as we would experience the same process before Easter Sunday. In homes all over the globe children are bathed, dressed and made ready to join in the rites of passage and life milestones of their tribe. Here we are blessed with the beautiful outcomes of this Mother’s efforts captured in this amazing oil portrait. Thank you to an artist who had the eye to catch this moment in paint. 

When was the last time you took such care in your own appreaance? Was it a family event, a party or a date night with your beloved? Did someone take a picture to document the moment, or does it only live on in your private memories? These are special times in life to be cherished and protected…and remembered for generations to come. Enjoy the process as much as the outcome. Spending time getting ready is just as much fun as the event itself…having my Mom zip up my dress and tie my bow was the final moment when I understood what ‘pretty’ felt like! I’m sure this beautiful Indian girl knew that same emotion at this exact moment!