When you look into the eyes of this marble sculpture, you would swear he is reading into your soul. And yet you know he is made of stone, no matter how your senses react. 

I am not a sculptor, which means I probably appreciate the art form at a basic level. I enjoy the work and am amazed at how someone can take a piece of stone and turn it into what appears to be a breathing human being. Because I don’t know about the skill or time or techniques it takes to be able to do this, I am only able to grasp a portion of the work. Someone who is a sculptor would recognize the techniques and admire the skill it takes to create this labor of love. So in my case appreciation is different than admiration. My own ignorance prevents me from understanding ALL the things it took to create this face. 

What are you able to show appreciation versus admiration? What craft do you know and admire enough to see behind the work and expereince the technique? I encourage you today to study and learn  and grow your own skills by admiring the works of others.