This horse is made from recycled metal elements It is on display at the Booth Western Museum ( on the second floor. It is called Walking Horse by Leo Sewell.  I am so intrigued that the artist created even the mane if the horse from recycled metal. The lines and curves of a horse’s stature are all captured in this life size statue to perfection. I can’t begin to imagine the hours and puzzlement that was solved to create this masterpiece. I wonder how many hours Leo spent to get this just right. 

So how many hours are you willing to spend to get your work just right? A full day, a week, a couple months, maybe a year? I ask beacuse if you are like me, I get impatient. I want to see results and I want feedback. I want to see progress and hear validation that I am on the right track. Creating art usually happens alone. Most artists develop a work in privacy before they share it with the outside world. The last Dr Seuss book was found in his sock draw after his death…even his wife did not know he had written it.

My encouragement to you is to work and work and work, and be secure that what you are doing is worthy and important. If you don’t think so then why would anyone else? My next encouragement is to show your work to people whose opinions you value and will give you positive and helpful feedback…not just platitudes. We all want to hear nice things, but not at the expense of hearing what will help us move our work forward. Sometimes hard messages are the best messages as they force us to stop, evaluate, change and move forward. Be willing to hear truth to move forward, which means you need people around you who speak the truth.