We recently visited the Booth Western Musuem (boothmuseum.org) in Cartersville, Georgia. If you have not made the trip, Mark your calendar. This amazing space is listed as one of the top ten museums in the country…well worth a visit. Here you see a sculpture of molded paper. Not only is it an amazing piece of art, it is made from recycled grocery bags…ya’ know the brown ones many stores stopped offering to be more environmentally friendly? When I saw this sculpture the question, “Paper or Plastic?”took on an entirely new meaning. 

This sculpture made me think about all the time effort and failure this artist must have experienced while trying to get this one just right. Did they practice? Did they try it multiple times before they started on this piece? Had they done this before or was this their first and most successful outcome? This does not look like a piece created by a novice. It looks too complicated to be a one shot wonder…this intricate work took time, effort, practice and much skill. All I do with grocery bag is put groceries inside to take them home. What vision and creativity this artist had to transform an ordinary item into a thing of beauty. 

The artist is Charles Burzynski, and this was created in 2007. It is called War Bonnet and it is on display at the Booth Museum as part of it’s permanent collection. This week I plan to feature creative items we saw in the museum…they inspired me, I hope they will inspire you as well. 

Next time you are asked “paper or plastic?” think about the possibilites that choice could create.