“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day..when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.”  You may recognize those words as the text from a song by Smokey Robinson. When I saw this beautiful sky and the fluffy clouds the song came to mind. How wonderful it is that music can bring what we see into clearer view. 

I shot this picture while I was taking a walk. The sun was overly warm and the cloud filled sky was daunting. Later that afternoon it rained. During my walk I was reminded that we experience weather we don’t control the weather. We can either embrace what the weather brings, or we can be miserable trying to deal with it. Some days it is easier to deal with than others. 

While I walked I thought about all the circumstances we experience during the day…all the things we live through or endure or suffer or even rejoice over that we cannot change. The circumstances we live may not all be within our control, and yet we can choose how to react. It’s not the circumstances that get us into trouble or drama or lead us into pain, it is our reaction to them that paves the way to turmoil. Some people are addicted to drama so when it doesn’t exist, they create it. For others, they take what happens in stride and live content within the circumstances they cannot control. 

So are you the person who focuses on the clouds, or do you see the sunshine? Do you live with the weather or complain about what you can’t control? Or maybe you try to control everything only to make everyone around you miserable. It all boils down to attitude…take it in stride or fret and complain. It’s about choice – sunshine or clouds – you choose everyday.