When I was a kid I enjoyed going to the candy store and buying treats. We would ride into town on our bicycles like a ‘pack’, buy sweets, then eat them while riding home. It felt grown up, and free and adventurous. By the time we got how our candy was gone and our spirits were free. When I saw these candles in a store it reminded me of being a kid and enjoying freedom with all my bicycle riding friends. 

I learned to travel and handle money on those bike trips. I learned how to navigate the roads, handle myself and make solid decisions. I learned independence and self confidence. I learned that I could take care of myself, get lost and still find my way home. I figured out how to get along with the people I was with, even if we disagreed. I figured out why I needed them  and how they needed me. Those trips will always be fond memories for me, ones that can never be replaced.  

In our current society there is no way anyone would let their children ride a bike unsupervised into town to buy candy. It would  not be safe for them to travel that way let alone without adult supervision. How sad that fear has prevented us from allowing our children to feel independent, adventurous and free. Sooooo many lessons I learned then that I still use to this day. So how do we allow our children to learn these lessons in today’s environment? 

Maybe the real challenge is that they never do learn those lessons and then they take that ignorance with them into adulthood…and the rest of us get to deal with adults with lesson holes in themselves. You know those people, the ones where you ask yourself why they don’t know this stuff? And you think something is missing, and you are right. 

As you pass through your world today think about the childhood lessons you learned and how you are applying them today. And then think about how you are going to help teach the next generation these same lessons. It’s a sweet deal to be able to impact the lives of the next generation by sharing your life lessons.