There are times in life when you want to enjoy firecrackers…this was one of those times. I was with a. Business group and we were able to enjoy the fireworks at Epocot on a Thursday evening. It was a nice way to end a very busy week….hot but fun. Here you see two of the guys in the group enjoying the show.

This was an unusual way to end a work week, and yet everyone one who attended enjoyed it. I think the best part was getting away from an office environment and spending time with people where no work needed to be discussed. Everyone had a chance to unwind and think about nothing more important that fireworks. 

How about you? What are you doing this week to enjoy being alive? In this world where crazy people with guns are threatening and killing innocent people, what are you doing to celebrate life and forget the insanity? Hug the people you cherish  and spend time with people not only getting work done…but enjoying being alive. Life is precious and beautiful and we need to remind the people around us that we care. You might not be able to conjur up some fireworks, so maybe just give them a kind word of thanks for being in your life.