This summer our cats have been spending their nights outside. They enjoy playing into the wee hours hunting mice and chasing moths and butterflies. When morning arrives they come inside to eat and relax. Here you see Artie after his late morning nap…sleepy face and all. I call it late morning nap because they take about four or five before they go back out for the night…or maybe it is more like six or eight naps. Cats are experts at naps. They can sleep almost anywhere and when they want to get up, they stretch, eat…then take another nap.

I like this about cats. They do what they want when they want. For some people this is annoying. They think cats should be more attentive and interactive and part of things. Ok, I can see that…but let’s face it, they are cats. Kind of like teenagers. They have their own agenda, their own priorities, and their own things they want to do…and most of the time that does not include you…like teenagers. Dogs are more like children. They require more attention, they need more entertaining and a bit more direction…like children. If you know what you are going to get then you won’t be disappointed…it’s when we expect them to act in a way that is different than their nature that we are always disappointed. 

Sort of like people. When we impose our expectations on who they should be and how they should behave we will usually be disappointed. When we embrace the differences between people that is when we can enjoy what they bring to the table. When I can appreciate who they are – their talents, skills, abilities, the way they think – I learn something about myself and how to make my world better. Cats enjoy naps and are good at it. I have learned how to enjoy sleep at a whole new level by watching my cats. Instead of waking them up, I let them sleep and relax myself…which makes my world better. 

So think about your world the next time you see a sleeping cat…learn from their strengths and the strengths of those around you…your world will be better for it.