I recently visited a mall that had an M&M store…boy was I surprised. Who knew there could be an entire store about one type of candy? In this store there is an massive wall displaying different M&M colors. You could buy a container and fill it with any variety from the display…as much as you could fit in that container. Talk about a sugar coma! The color options included colors I have never seen and are only available through the store. Here you see only a tiny portion of what was available. 

Besides candy there was clothing and hats and games and toys and different containers with themes, oh and there were big and small and different packages of the candy available as well. The different flavors of M&Ms were all represented AND you could even design your own M&M and get it ‘printed’ right in the store. Talk about a merchandising bonanza. All this around a candy coated piece of chocolate. 

Somewhere at M&M headquarters a team sat in a room to brainstorm what could be offered in the store. Another team thought about how to design the displays. And probably a third team figured out how to market every inch of that place all over the city. Someone designed signage, uniforms for the employees, deals and sale items as well as seasonal varieties and gimmicks. This place did not get invented overnight, it took time and planning, creativity and vision. It took construction teams and project managers to get it done…once again, all of this about a candy coated piece of chocolate. It surprised me that people would actually want to shop in this store, and yet there was a line at the check out counter three people deep. I could not have imagined needing an M&M store, and yet someone else saw the opportunity and turned it into a mall attraction. 

If M&Ms can be turned into such a huge merchandising destination, what about your product, good or service? How can you leverage the public’s never ending desire for new and different to better market what you do? This store made me think bigger than I had before. It made me realize I have to stop doubting my ideas and simply execute. Don’t think ‘that’s crazy’ think ‘how can we do it?’…because if you don’t someone else will…over a candy coated piece of chocolate no less. I think what you do is worth that effort as well.