In too many of my conversations recently I have heard the phrase, “I’m not sure how long I can keep doing this.” If it isn’t that statement then it is something similar…too many people are wound tight and feel themselves near a breaking point. In these modern times where we have every gadget and luxury at our fingertips, we still have limited time and resources and too much we want to accomplish. So we continue to wind ourselves into knots, then expect a week or two on vacation each year to unwind us enough to get back into the game…to only get wound up all over again. 

What a vicious cycle. What a hard way to live our lives. What a scary feeling it must be to know that you are near a breaking point and not sure how to prevent a painful breakdown. I’m no genius, and I certainly have my days of tight winding…but they are fewer and fewer. 

As I talk to people who are not wound tight, there are some common elements. First, they know who they are and what they want…and what they are willing to do to get it. I don’t mean being ruthless, I mean being focused. They don’t let people push them around with words like should, or ought to, or expected of you, or let people down, or this is what it takes. They focus on who they are and what is important to them, and let other people worry about keeping up with the Joneses. 

Second, they make decisions that support what they want on a consistent basis. If you want to be out of debt, stop buying things on credit. If you want to get ahead at work, be the employee who is valued and brings excellence to the table. If you want a family, then be a family no matter if it is by birth or by choice. If you want to be creative, lose your fear of being wrong. Make choices that support waht you want long term…which may mean curbing your ‘flesh’ and swallowing a little does of discipline each day. Small steps to the goal, that is what discipline is all about. 

And finally, the people I know who are not wound tight enjoy who they are and embrace their individuality. If they have curly hair, they wear curly hair. If they are tall, they embrace tall. If they wear glasses, they do it with style. It means giving up what the world tells you is ‘best’ and never let go of what makes you YOU! There is no one jsut like you, so why try to be like everyone else? Be you and be glad to be you.

Think about what oyu are so wound up about, is that really what you want? If not, let go, unwind, and be true to you.