To the outside observer this may look a bit strange. To the creative mind this is a wealth of potential beauty waiting to be released. This is a picture of one of Mom’s watercolor palettes for a work in progress. What to us looks used up and dried out is to her a treasure trove of color. With the wave of her ‘magic’ brush she is able to create incredible creations that bring joy to the eye. Where we see old, she sees opportunity. Where we see chaos she sees order and method and process. Where we see one color she sees the full spectrum…just add water, talent, and years of study and a timeless creation evolves. 

Our clients always love to see work in progress and understand the process the artist goes through to create their work. It might sound boring, yet creativity is a process – there is a method most artists follow that put them in the creative mindset. There is a reason their work space looks the way it does, a reason why it is organized or not organized, a reason why they do what they do to create what they create. Yes inspiration and candor and courage play a role in creating, so does method and practice and skill and study. It can take decades to be able to create the artwork one sees in their mind’s eye…and years to develop a skin thick enough to endure your own mental criticism until you get it just right. In this instant world of grab and go information, creating takes time. 

Give yourself time to learn what you need to learn to be able to create what you see in your mind. That might be a novel, a piece of art, or an updated process to make the world a better place. Whatever it is you are hoping to create, give yourself time and study and the resources you need to get the job done. What to someone else might look like a mess to you is the beginning of a dream come true. Your dream and your work are worthy of the resources.