There are all sorts of jobs that people think women have a harder time accomplishing than men…maybe like driving a fork lift. Here you see Lynn moving anything of any weight easily through the salvage yard. She has run the place for the last twenty-three years with great success. She said she was afraid and awful at it in the beginning, now she doesn’t even have to think when she drives. 

I am always proud and inspired when I see people overcome what others think, when they dare to step outside of the box in which society puts them due to a demographic. It takes courage and gumption and a willingness to do it badly until you master the skill. It takes getting back up after you fail and dusting yourself off, not getting discouraged and trying again…and again, and again! That’s true for anyone learning something new, no matter the demographic. 

What demographic are you working to overcome? Age, gender, skin color, education, culture, appearance…or maybe you’re not sure which one people use to judge you? And if Lynn is any example, maybe you like the challenge accomplishment poses? You like doing what people say you can’t do…and you get energized by proving them wrong. Go forth today and prove people wrong again…when they say it can’t be done, you stand upright as a beacon of truth that no matter the category you have done what they said cold not be done.