Ya’ know when you are craving something and you wait anxiously to eat it? You hope that the first bite is what your tastebuds dreamed about. In your mind you know EXACTLY what it will taste like and how good it will be and you drool just thinking about it. 

Sometimes you can’t find that thing you are craving, so you eat something else. It’s good, it’s flavorful and yet it is not the thing that will satisfy your tastebuds. Now you are full and yet your craving is not gone. Do you keep eating until you can find the thing you are craving? OR do you stop and continue the search another day? It can be frustrating to eat and not feel satisfied. Depending upon what it is I have been craving sometimes I keep trying. Other times I end the day un satisfied. 

Then there are those times when you find the thing you have been craving, and it smells, looks and tastes EXACTLY like your tastebuds hoped…exactly….or maybe even better. The moment, the place, the people, the entire experience of eating the food you crave is satisfied beyond words. This picture of funnel cake was that food for me this week. I had been craving it and had no idea when I would find funnel cake…so I waited. I had the surprise opportunity to go to Epcot and watch fireworks…and I could smell the funnel cake. As I stood in front of the kiosk I could feel my tastebuds coming alive with hope. The moment of eating this, watching fireworks and getting my black dress covered in powered sugar was glorious. It was a moment to savor.

I challange you today to savor a funnel cake type moment. Give in to your tastebuds and search relentlessly for the thing oyu can’t wait to eat…then eat it. Like is too short to eat vanilla ice cream when all you really want is funnel cake.