Only Disney would have a kiosk where you can buy your own Tiara…is that cool or what? When the ladies in our group saw this, we all walked up and instantly put one on, then another, then another. I guess no matter your age anyone wants their own Tiara!

So why is that? Is it the allure of the glitter, the glamorous places one wears a Tiara? Or does it have something to do with being a princess and princesses wear Tiaras? Maybe we all dream of being royalty? Or we want to feel powerful and beautiful and admired? Maybe we just want to pretend for a while that we have no problem bigger than what dress to wear with which Tiara? Ya’ know, because if you have one Tiara you can always have multiples…different ones for different events or outfits or occasions. I mean, why not? Here you have multiple choices! Let’s think big here, why stop at one…maybe Tiaras ar elite shoes, no woman can have too many? 

While we were trying on Tiaras, we laughed and giggled and exchanged them until we each had one we liked, and wanted…but did not buy. We had a dinner to attend, so we put them back and went along our way to reality. It was fun and we somehow bonded over Tiara shopping, and then had fun dreaming about where we might wear one…the dinner we were attending did not required a Tiara, it was more a flip flop shindig…bummer!

I must admit that for a few moments my world was more glamorous, more regal, more fantastical because I was wearing a Tiara! Just the fact that I could imagine a world beyond my current mindset helped me unload some stress and giggle. A little girl came up to the kiosk while we were there, and she and her Mom tried on Tiaras…and they giggled! A third little girl walked by – dressed up as a princess – and she grinned from ear to ear because she was wearing a Tiara as she walked through the park. She waved at all of us, and we gave a royal wave back…then giggled some more! Waht fun to imagine a different world…one in which you wear a Tiara while living your day to day life. How grand!!!

Make today a Tiara worthy day…dream big, think grand, be glamorous (even if you are only wearing flip flops) and let your imagination run wild. Your mental health and the secret princess inside are worth it!