I took this picture as the sun was setting at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida. I enjoyed the color of the light and the games it seemed to be playing on the giant ball structure. How cool it is to see how light can completely change the appearance of things. 

It takes ingenuity and imagination to not only see light, but to see how it interacts with and improves the things around us. Anyone can turn on a light, yet seeing what it actually does to a place can be amazing. ‘Seeing’ what the light does is so much more than just seeing light….it’s seeing the possibilities are endless. But to first get there to see this amazement, you have to turn on the lights. 

Sounds simple, and yet too many of us have areas of life that we would rather keep in the dark. We don’t want to deal with the change the light might cause, so we keep it dark. Once we turn on the light and actually ‘see’ what’s there, it almost implies that we are going to do something about it. Have the courage to day to turn up the light in your world and see the colors that are possible when you allow for the colors of light.