This is one of those mile markers you see on famous places…Denver, the mile high city. This marker sits on the capital steps at the spot in the city where you actually hit 5,280 feet above sea level. I enjoy taking these pictures not only to document the different places, but to see how places choose to ‘mark’ the interesting points. This one in real life is brass and someone seems to keep it shined, no matter the weather or the tarnishing that nature inflicts. 

We all have these kinds of markers in our lives, milestones of important events, people, places that have made us who we are over the years. And we all mark these important things in our own way – photographs, keepsakes, ticket stubs, art work, souvenirs – and we store them in a variety of ways. Some of us surround ourselves with these times, others store them away to review at a later date. 

Isn’t life strange that we keep things to remind us of our adventures…which we look at while we are living the daily routines of our lives? Do we keep them to remind us of our activities, our courage, or that we once hit a milestone and can get there again? Do we use them to fuel future dreams or to remind us that we once had dreams and reached them? 

Of all the things you treasure in yoru current space, which one makes you think of past adventures? Which one marks your highest achievement or most proud moment. I hope you have one or two or three that make you smile when you see them…enjoy the milestone markers of your life!