There is a lot of framing that gets done in the art business. It can make or break a piece of art. Over the years styles have changed and people want art framed differently than they did in the past. So to stay on top of things we sometimes have to reframe a work of art in order for it to sell. That means taking it apart and putting it back together in a different way. The package may be different yet the beauty of the art in the frame remains the same. And no matter how you frame bad art, it is still bad art. 

Isn’t that also true about ourselves?  Sometimes in life we change our presentation in order to ‘stay current’. Times change and so does fashion…the 80’s had shoulder pads, angular colors and leg warmers with big hair and exotic eye shadows…the 90’s went grunge…and the 2000’s, well I am not sure about that decade. The outside changes with the times yet it is what’s inside that really matters. 

And yet we live in a society where appearance seems to be everything. We get ourselves pinched, shaved, filed, lifted and tucked to stay attractive. We gain and lose, work out and stay in motion to keep ourselves in shape. We cut and color, dye and treat our hair to feel more attractive…and yet what really matters is what’s inside. So why do we do this to ourselves? Is it only societal pressure or is there a deeper meaning? Are we trying to change the presentation when we really aren’t happy with the art in the frame? 

Instead of working on the outside, work on the art in the frame…it’s not all about presentation, what is inside does matter. Today do one thing that works more on your character as a human being than your appearance in a crowd. Working on the inside isn’t always the glamorous stuff, or the things that people notice…and yet, without a beautiful piece of art inside the frame doesn’t really matter.