I was reminded by this vintage print about sewing skills. When I was in Junior High I learned how to sew. Throughout my life I have made my clothes, curtains, duvet covers, banners and pillows galore. I learned in school and my parents encouraged me when I got home. I enjoyed creating something then wearing or using it throughout my world. 

What skill did you learn in school that you still use to this day? I’m sure there are many – a love of reading, writing, computer skills, etc – pratically anything you do today oyu probably learned in school. I’m sure when you first learned these things oyu were pretty bad at it, and yet you kept at it. And over time you got better…now you can probably do it without thinking. 

I’m sure there were also things you learned in school that you have barely utilized since then…and would probably be pressed to be able to do them at all. The old saying is true – practice makes perfect…if we don’t use it, we lose it. You catch my drift. Be thankful for the time you spent practicing, and grateful for those who encouraged you along the way. And give yourself a break today as you are learning new things. It takes time and practice, effort and consistency to get good at things, so give yoruself that time and permission to fail. Over time it gets better…so keep up the good work!