We have a couple weddings coming up in our family this fall. In earlier times, brides would register for a China pattern to build their service. I’m not sure that modern brides register for China as a norm…I never did. I inherited my grandmother’s  China, which is just what I wanted. The pattern is from the 1940s and makes a wonderful addition to any gathering when I use it. 

As part of having a China service, people used to come over for tea. During tea everyone would talk and discuss and gossip, simply spend time together enjoying the afternoon and fellowship. When I saw these cups and saucers in a decorating store, it made me think of all the people who solved the world’s problems over warm beverages. In these more modern times we don’t go over to someone’s house for tea, we meet for tea or coffee at an alternate location – Starbuck’s, a book store, a bake shop. We entertain or gather outside the home, yet we still find a way to be together. 

As you go through the coming week, think about the people you want to talk to or with…and where or how does that happen? Do you meet face to face, or do you text? Do you talk on the phone or FaceTime? And when you do communicate with them, do you have the same interaction if you are not face to face and there are no warm beverages? By allowing technology to ‘enhance’ or ‘simplify’ our communications are we still communicating at the same level as before? I have my doubts…I think we are missing something, like each other. There is something amazing that happens when people get together over a warm beverage and talk…there is power in a warm beverage. So take time this week to meet face to face with the ones who are important to you, or at least make plans to get together with them soon.