Have you ever had days like this, when you were carrying so much and had a hard time keeping a handle on it all? Like Akari, we often try to hold on to too much and struggle moving forward. We wobble, we fall, we keep dropping things and picking them back up…all along struggle, struggle, struggle.

Why do we do this to ourselves and our world? Where did the expectation come from? Was it one we self imposed, or one we inherited from others? Did our work environment make us feel this way? Or are we working too hard to keep up with an invisible expectation? Do we feel like we need to do more and more to prove ourselves? Or are we simply overachievers who don’t know when to give in? 

The question is do you have the courage to let the balls fall…which means failing? Sometimes I find myself struggling with more than I can/should handle in order to avoid failing…and yet, I am failing. I am doing all I juggle minimally instead of letting a few things go and doing the remaining things very well. To give things up, I have to let them go, or let someone else do them, or find a way to do them later…or let them go and not think of them again. Call it prioritizing, call it picking your battles, call it delegating, call it giving up. Whatever you call it focus on what you can do well, and do it well. It’s time to stop the madness and stop struggling with too many balls…let it go!