Today was a rainy day that included a difficult decision. Here you see Moses playing with Akari, his most recent new playmate. Akari is two, Moses was 22. Today’s hard decision was to put him to sleep. He was a great pet, companion and friend. He brought great joy to our lives for over two decades. The hard part about owning pets is that you know they will eventually leave you…but the love is worth the loss.

Nothing lasts forever, and yet the legacy left behind by precious moments will be with us forever. Once soemthing touches your heart, you are changed…a cherished pet has that impact on our lives. Not everyone is a cat person, a dog person, or even a pet person…not everyone has space in their world for a furry friend. Pets give and love and make us part of their ‘pack’. All along only asking us to provide food, water, a safe place to rest – oh yeah, and love. They give unconditionally while changing our lives forever. Who else loves you that way? People try, yet we aleays fail. For those of you who own pets, you know what I means…fur balls, paw prints on your clean floors, and unconditional love. 

Thank you Moses for loving us and enlarging our hearts, our lives and giving us a love that will never be replaced. Thank you to all our pets who help us be better people, who lick our tears when we cry, and who keep us warm on cold nights. Thank you for making us better people. We can all only hope that one day we can live up to being the people you think we are.