I enjoy collecting old letters, the ones people take off buildings and signs. These are everything from neon to corporate logo letters, law firm name leftovers and I think some brass ones as well. I know it is the artist in my who sees the design and infinite possibilities when I see a bunch of letters. It leaves me feeling as if anything is possible, as if the story is unwritten…the best of up to me if I just take the effort to put the pieces together. 

And that’s it isn’t it…take the effort. It takes energy to write your own story. It takes vision and courage and gumption. It can be fun to do when everything is going your way. It can feel like a living nightmare when everything in the world seems to be working against you. Either way it takes energy and imagination to see your own future and head that direction with confidence. Whether it is a job offer or a job loss, having the courage to imagine a different future is exciting and daunting at the same time. 

But what happens when some of the letters are missing? How do you cope when you don’t know where you want to go or what you want to do? The options can be overwhelming often too much to sift through and digest in order to narrow down what you want. Whew! It can seem too much to bear. I think at one time or another we have all felt this way. So here is a question I ask when I hear the impending sigh of overwhelmed-ness in someone’s voice…when you think about your best day – the day when you went to bed KNOWING that you did EXACTLY what you were created to do – what did that day include? What made that day better than any other day? If you can narrow it down to a list of things that made this one a good day, write them down. 

The next time you have a ‘best’ day, check what made this second day a great day against the original list. How many elements fit into both days? Keep adding to your ‘best’ list until you can see a pattern. When you know what makes a ‘best’ day for you…now you can focus on doing that list of things everyday. Yes, this assumes what is on your list allows you to make money. And yes, it assumes you want to make money. And no you do not have to be able to find this job – it might not exist yet, but who says you are not the person to invent it? Or some version of it? We are currently teaching skills in grade school for jobs that do not exist yet…but they will! You can never predict what the future holds. 

Have the courage to put together the letters that make your day a ‘best’ day, then chase your story with all your energy and passion. Your life and your future are well worth the effort.