We bought a box of Macarons  and this is the last one. One lonely macaron sitting on the plate waiting to be eaten. The sprinkles on top scream, “Look at me, look at me, look at me!” I’m special, I’m yummy, I’m the best one that was saved for last. It’s my turn, eat me and enjoy!

Why did this one end up being last…no particular reason. It’s not that it was less than or unattractive compared to the others, nor did it look less flavorful. It just happened to be the last one on the plate. It has all the same beautiful elements of the ones that have already been digested, it just turned out to be last. I have to admit I probably ate the most out of the box. I tried lots of different flavors and enjoyed figuring out what flavor they were. I savored the colors and textures and seasonings. Ok, I like macarons…a lot. I may not remember all the flavors I ate, yet this one I ate more slowly and more consciously and more mindfully. I wanted to take a moment to enjoy it because it was the last one. 

When we are faced with losing something we seem to take it more seriously. Suddenly we realize that it won’t be around forever…so we savor it, we absorb it, we devour it with careful intentions. We no longer take it for granted. We appreciate it. Today I want you to savor your day like it is the last macaron with sprinkles on top. Be mindful of the goodness in your world and in your life and savor them all. Do not take your health, your job, your family or any element of your life for granted…today might be your last macaron and I would not want you to miss the specialness of the sprinkles. None of us knows when we might get to savor another macaron, so enjoy what you have while you have it.