Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day. The day we celebrate as a country our own uniqueness. And yet I think the holiday is named incorrectly…it should be called Interdependence Day. None of us got here by being independent beings. We only have what we have because we are interdependent on others, on systems, on processes, on people. Without all that we would still be living in caves hunting for food and figuring out how to create warmth through fire. 

Interdependence is not a bad word. It does not mean weakness or frailty or lack of skill to go it alone. It does not mean you can’t make it by yourself or that you are a failure if you are not independent. It is not code of co-dependent, and it does not mean you need to see a shrink. It means you rely on someone or something else for your survival. It means you need others in order for your world to work. It means you are human. 

Independence Day is when we celebrate being Americans. We are thankful for our freedom, our families, our country and all the things that make us who we are…good or bad, we celebrate it all. We take the day off work, we close the banks, we cook out and blow up fireworks into the sky. We play in the sun, enjoy ourlseves and relish in the thought that summer is here. We show gratitude for those who have served our country so that we can eat hot dogs and brownies with neighbors, family and friends. That might should simple and yet isn’t that what independence is all about…living the life we want, when we want it, with whomever we want to live it with. And yet none of that is possible without interdependence. 

This is a photo of an old quilt I use to cover my legs when I am cold. Like a quilt keeps you warm relying on others keeps you sane. It might feel taxing or constricting, and at times it might make you crazy…yet a life alone is no life. One country living on this globe without the trust and good will of our global neighbors is not only stupid, it is arrogant…which is NOT why we celebrate today. Needing a quilt does not mean you are weak, it means you are smart enough  to understand the situation and find a way to make it better. I did not make this quilt, I do not know who did…but I am glad they did and am thankful for their talents which make we warm everytime I use it. Interdependence…be thankful today that you are able to rely on others to live in this country full of blessings.