The seed beads in these plastic containers provide the groundwork for an unimaginable, unlimited amount of creative work. Whether that work is through jewelry, clothing, trim on a container or box, embellishments for decorating items…or something more unconventional. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is imagine something and then begin to do the work to make it happen. 

And yet like life, we stop ourselves from believing there is an endless supply because we go for the practical things first. “I don’t know how to use seed beads.” Or maybe you hear, “Someone else might know how to do this, but I am a novice and what could I create that anyone would want to see let alone buy?” Or the ever classic, “It would take me too much time to learn how to do this better, so I will just pay someone else to do it.” There is even the old standby, “I have better things to do than make something myself.” Instead of embracing the creative thought we squelch it with reality, a dose of fear, and a side dish of self doubt with insecurity served as an all consuming sauce. If there was an idea or hope there, it is no more. 

Why do we do that? Why do we fear getting excited about something new? Passion is a powerful part of life, and to let it die by our own hands is a terrible crime. If you constantly kill the new, the different, the passionate or the bold eventually these things will no longer present themselves and ideas will dry up. Then somewhere in the future when you want to think or act differently you will have trained yourself to play it safe and nothing that resembles ingenuity will make an appearance. You will be frustrated with yourself and wonder why you can’t think “outside of the box”…and yet you have curtailed yourself so much that the box is the only place you are fit live and think. 

Let these seed beads be the seeds that plant themselves in your creativity. Let them serve as a reminder to allow the seeds of great ideas grow in your mind, your thoughts, your work…no one said they have to be perfect, they are just ideas. Let them swirl around in your brain THEN be courageous enough to write them down. Anything of any value started as an idea in someone’s head, and they had the courage to let the seed live and grow. The ideas in your mind are infinite…the possibilites are endless. Have the courage to nurture your ideas and see where out of the box thinking will get you.