I was walking through a mall today and saw these candles in a high end decorating store. They were spread across a shelf, so I moved them closer together to get them all in one photo. After I took the photo I wondered why anyone would want candles in their home of the seven deadly sins…south, wrath, lust, pride, glutton, envy, greed…NOT the words I want to highlight in my home or my life. 

Someone had to propose this idea, pitch it to a manufacturer, have the candles designed and made…then market and sell them to stores, to then have the public buy them. I extols the virtues of capilatism, and yet products like these leave me scratching my head. Again I ask, who thought this was a good idea?

I pondered this product all the way home. I found myself shaking my head and wondering why…and then I had another thought. If this product can reach store shelves, why not yours? If people will buy this, why not the positive product you have had an idea for and wondered who might want it? If the seven deadly sins have an audience, YOUR IDEA is worth the effort. Let the feeling of disgust you might feel (as I do) urge you on to create something worthy of people’s time and brain space. Because let’s be honest…this is not just a product it will occupy shelf space and brain space. I know you can do better.